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Meet RIDETZ Rider, Miller Bianucci

22 May

Miller (left) with her sister, Macon (right)

By Miller Bianucci and Kaitlin Rogers

You may remember first reading about Miller and the entire Bianucci Family in this post. There is something special about this family. Their sense of adventure, their commitment to service, and their willingness to tackle huge challenges have lead them to Tanzania year after year, and their dedication to TFFT is something for which we are extremely grateful. I first met Miller when she along with her sister Macon and their parents, Henri and Susan, rode in RIDETZ in 2010. We are beyond excited to have Miller along with us for the 2nd RIDETZ journey. I know I will rely on her positive attitude and steadfast determination to help me through!

1)            Where are you from?

My family is from Chicago but we have lived in Charleston, SC for the past fifteen years.

2)            What do you do for work?

I just finished my freshman year at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. I’m studying Social Anthropology, Sustainable Development, and Modern History. I am so thankful to Meghann for encouraging me to look into St. Andrews. This year abroad has hands down been the best of my life and I’m so excited for the next three.

3)            What do you like to do on your spare time?

During middle and high school I was on the track and cross-country teams and have continued to run over here (when its not raining or hailing!). My goal is to run a marathon next year, so I’m preparing for that.

4)            Who is your inspiration in life?

I have to say that Meghann Gunderman is my inspiration and role model. I am so impressed with the amazing job Meghann has done with the Foundation of course, but also her amazing attitude and determination. I am inspired every day by Meghann’s dedication to the children of TFFT and am so lucky to have a mentor like Meghann in my life. Her selfless determination to provide education for these orphaned or abandoned children is remarkable.

Richard, Meghann, Miller, Emily, Lauren, and Macon (RIDETZ 2010)

5)            How did you hear about RIDETZ?

My family and I have been volunteering at the Nkoragana Orphanage in Arusha for the past six years and we’ve been fortunate enough to become involved with TFFT. We are so thankful to TFFT for providing scholarships for the children we’ve grown to know and love. When my sister and I heard about RIDETZ two years ago we convinced my parents to join us in this adventure we knew we couldn’t pass up.

Miller with Mary, TFFT Scholarship Student

6)            What inspired you to want to ride this June?

RIDETZ 2010 was, while it was incredibly physically grueling, the most amazing experience of my life. I have never before pushed myself so hard; steep inclines, deep dust and mud, and rocky down hills made quite a challenging course. I will never forget reaching the top of a hill and seeing the Indian Ocean just about a mile away below me. Completing the ride with such a wonderful group of people was a great achievement and accomplishment.  ‘A labor of love’ is the perfect description of this trip and I can’t wait for round two.

Miller (right) with Macon (left) at the BEACH!! Final day RIDETZ 2010

7)            What kind of bike do you train on? Does it have a name?

Sad to say that I don’t have a bike, the only training I’ve done thus far has been in a gym or spinning class!

8)          What unique ways are you planning on spreading the awareness for what you are doing and fundraising?

I’m reaching out to all of my family and friends asking for their support. I plan to have a spinning class fundraiser at my sister’s gym as soon as I get home to raise more funds and awareness in the Charleston area.


Thanks Miller! You can support Miller in her fundraising initiative here. You have now met all the riders, with the exception of the TFFT STUDENT RIDER!!! We will announce this lucky winner shortly.

The next couple of weeks are crazy for the U.S. TFFT Team (a.k.a. Meghann and Kaitlin). Meghann leaves for Tanzania early next week, and I leave on June 4th. Oy! There is a LOT to do between now and then. If there is something in particular that you would like to read about over the next few weeks, let us know, and we’ll factor that into our blog planning! (Who do you want to hear from? What are you curious about? Anything!)