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Hop Over Here

9 Jun

In case you missed it, we moved our home in the blog world from here to here. If you want to continue to receive blog updates when there is a new post, just click the “follow” link on the bottom right of the page once you are on the new blog! You won’t want to miss out on our RIDETZ updates :)

We hope to hear from you soon!

Photographs by the wonderful Deb Schwedhelm.


Our New Look!

5 Jun

Hello! Remember when we said we had a surprise in the works?! It is with so much excitement that I share with you our brand new website!! Let me tell you a little story about how this beautiful space came to be:

Once upon a time in Germany there was a wonderful woman named Kat Csengo, a virtual assistant extraordinaire looking to offer her talents and services to a nonprofit organization doing important work. She searched high and low and ended up finding TFFT. She liked what she learned about TFFT’s work, and she thought maybe, just maybe, we could benefit from her services. She emailed us, and, “YES! YES!” we declared, “we would love your help.” And so the PaperClip Fox partnership began, and we decided that our first step would be to give our website a fresh look.

Well… suddenly we were like a kids in a candy shop. We began imagining our new website; dreaming about our new website; and conjuring up grand ideas for our new website. In the meantime, Kat moved from Germany to New Zealand, and it soon it became clear that we needed to add another person to our website team. We needed someone who could CODE a website and handle all those extra-tricky tasks that require in-depth understanding of a internet language, something that is gibberish to most people on the planet. Enter Catherine Vo, our magician of a web developer.

Over many a Google Hangout (video chat) meetings our spiffy new website began to take shape. Kat and Catherine worked countless hours to give TFFT a beautiful website, and they did it all pro bono. They poured their time and talent into this project and asked for nothing in return. Wowza.

One of the amazing aspects of working for a nonprofit is the opportunity to witness such incredible generosity. Just as Kat and Catherine selflessly gave up themselves for this project, so many of you generously give of your time, family, funds, and talents to benefit TFFT. Thank you to each and every one of you.

Please take a few minutes to admire Kat and Catherine’s hard work and to get to know TFFT’s new home. We are thrilled to have a website that reflects TFFT’s unique spirit. This page is my personal favorite. You can scroll over the kids photos to see then and now images… how cool is that?! What is your favorite part of the new look?