Meet RIDETZ Rider, Denise McFadden

17 May

By Kaitlin Rogers and Denise McFadden, RIDETZ Rider

I had the pleasure of meeting Denise in 2010 when she tackled RIDETZ for the first time. Denise is now back for seconds. This either says something about how amazing RIDETZ is or how crazy Denise is … take your pick :) Either way, we are lucky that Denise has decided to take once again take on this challenge because she is an awesome person to be around. Denise carries TFFT’s mission and kids in her heart, and we are so grateful for the endless support and dedication she has shown her to TFFT since the very beginning.

1)            Where are you from?  

Morris Plains, New Jersey

 2)            What do you do for work? 

I work for Covance Central Laboratory Services in Business Development.

3)            What do you like to do on your spare time? 

Run, Bike, Ski, play with my dog and drink wine! 

2011 Kilimanjaro Marathon

4)            Who is your inspiration in life? 

While of course I would say my parents and family, it is also anyone who strives to challenge themselves physically and go beyond what they think they can do.   

5)            How did you hear about RIDETZ? 

I am one of the board members for TFFT and also did the ride in 2010. 


2010 RIDETZ reunion in Charlotte at TFFT’s SOS Gala

6)            What inspired you to want to ride this June? 

Being part of the ride in 2010 was such an amazing experience and just could not pass it up this year! 

7)            Are you celebrating any milestone with RIDETZ? 

Still being able to get my butt on a bike for 400 miles! 

8)            What is your favorite place to ride? (besides Tanzania that is) 

Along the Delaware River Canal path in both NJ and PA.

9)            What kind of bike do you train on? Does it have a name? 

Both a Giant road bike and a Cannondale Mountain bike.  Neither one of them have actual names but at times, I have called them many things especially on the uphill climbs!

10)          What unique ways are you planning on spreading the awareness for what you are doing and fundraising?

I am sending my friends and family a letter asking for their support. Between that and my online fundraising page, I hope to reach my $10,000 goal.

Thanks, Denise for all you do for TFFT. See you in Tanzania! We have one more rider to introduce you to next week, and then the next week we will all start journeying over. Be sure to stick around… it’s going to get pretty exciting around here!


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