A Hat

23 Apr

By Nancy Phelix, TFFT Scholarship Student, Form 3

Nancy wants to be a fashion designer. This has been her dream for years now, and we believe she will achieve it– just notice how she adds flair to her school uniform with pink and purple clips and by loosening her tie a bit when most students just tuck them under their sweaters. The girl has STYLE!

Nancy decided that she wanted to write another essay for you after seeing her post about her Christmas Holiday. This time she chose the topic herself, and she selected: hats. You can see an excerpt from the letter she wrote explaining this below.

I was so excited to know that everyone was going [on the] website to read my composition, and [I] am planning to write another one about “A Hat.” I hope it will be good more than the other on as I will try to write it with all good and sweet words that I know everyone who reads will be impressed with it. Am really trying to study hard and hard for the betterment of my future. I decided to write a composition concerning the heading above because I will be glad to be a real famous designer in the world as [I] am already a small one now.

Nancy with her big sister, Nicemary (also a TFFT scholarship student)

Nancy with Meghann and fellow TFFT scholarship student, Sarah

Below is Nancy’s composition on hats. We hope you enjoy it.

A Hat

Am wishing to become a designer and for this I would like to share a little knowledge to the referred heading. A hat is a covering that is worn on the head. It is made to fit the head with a flat edge that sticks out mainly worn outdoors. There are many different types of hats worn for different reasons like: panama, boater, trilby, cowboy hat, bowler/derby, top hat, sun hats, hood, hard hat, crash helmet, mortar board, beanie, bobble hat, beret, cap, cloth cap, baseball cap, among others.

Hard hats are worn to protect the head from bumps. Fire people, police, builders, astronauts, motorcycle riders, and many others wear hard hats for protection. They guarantee one’s safety while on a mission. Do you consider your safety when on a mission too? Sun hats are worn to protect the head from the direct heat of the sun’s rays. They come in all shapes, colours, and sizes from very large straw hats to small caps.

Rain hats are worn to keep the head dry during rainy seasons/days. They are weather proof/water proof and so the rain runs off the hat and keeps the head dry. This protects our head being the body’s controlling force without which its body cannot function well!

Some hats are worn to make the wearer look smart or elegant, many ladies wear this type of hat to weddings, parties, family functions, official functions, just to mention a few. They are large and flowery well designed for the occasion. One day while reading through a morning newspaper, my eyes gazed at an advertisement on hats, and this is how is read, “Surprise hats, when you buy one of these you may be in for a real surprise. You never know what will emerge of it; the hats transform into different things for different people. Try one and see what it transforms into for you!”.

I was amazed of the advertisement and using my meager savings went for it at once. To my surprise a note was attached to the hat which read, “ordinary hats offer short term protection and solutions to our problems, while the perfect hat and helmet of salvation through Jesus Christ offers assurance of protection and safety one hundred percent from dangers of all sorts with a promise of living to see tomorrow.”

If it were you, what would have been your reaction? Which is your hat of choice? Cogitate on the right choice today. Hope you enjoy this!!

Nancy Phelix


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