Full Circle Video

19 Apr

Adam and Happy (TFFT Scholarship Student)

Hello and happy Thursday! Adam Rubin, our former Full Circle Director, who is fabulous, put this video together at the end of his time in Tanzania. Full Circle is an important component of our Scholarship Program. All of our scholarship students participate in this after-school holistic approach to education. Adam summarizes it best below:

The aim of the Full Circle program is to transform students into positive agents of social change within their communities by equipping them with skills they would have traditionally been taught in a proper family environment. During the first term we helped them to become independent adults by teaching them about Life Skills: goals and dreams, decision-making, communication, self-esteem, teamwork and leadership. Reinforcement in this term provided the majority of our primary girls with a Girls Empowerment Workshop while our secondary students learned about community service by carrying out projects at our partner orphanages. During the second term our kids learned about basic health and hygiene, as well as HIV/AIDS awareness. Other activities within Term 3 of this program were directed by TFFT Member Melissa Queyquep, which focused on environmental conservation.

See it all for yourself here:

Have a great rest of the week and weekend! We’ll be back Monday with Nancy’s essay about hats :)


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