TFFT Kiddos Continue To Shine

8 Feb

Written by: Josh Nassari, TFFT Scholarship Director


On Friday February 3, 2012 was a big day at Usa River Academy. It was actually a different Friday. Normally if you step in this school at around 10 a.m. students and teachers will all be in their respective classrooms proceeding with studies, but this was definitely a different one. Even if you hadn’t been to this school before you could tell that something was going on. When we walked into the school compound we were given a sign that we should go directly to the dining/conference hall. The kids were all dressed nicely, the conference hall was well arranged, students were seated according to their grades, and no body was in the staff room.

As we walked into the conference hall, everyone was standing up attentively singing the National anthem and of course the school anthem. Usa River Academy had organized the day to reward the best performers in the last year’s National Exams. These were 2011 Class Four Students, 2011 Class Seven (primary school graduates) as well as 2011 From Two Students.

TFFT was well represented amongst the best performers. There was a total of twelve kids who were mentioned to receive awards, and four (a third) of them were TFFT kids. It’s very encouraging to see an amazing performance from children who were very disadvantaged, children with poor educational backgrounds, and children who have gone through so much in the past. Really, I experience the difference TFFT makes to its scholarship children every day.

Joyce Elipokea received an award as a second student in her classroom in the Class Four National exams.

The Beautiful Joyce

Salvatory Seth positioned as the first student in the class Seven National Exam.

Salvatory with Fratern (our Managing Director) at Graduation in September

Ombeni Elisante was the most improving student in the Class Seven National Examination

Sweet Ombeni

Richard Augustino positioned the first student in the Form Two National Exam.

Mr. Richard Augustino!

They all received certificates from the School Management and handled to them by the Usa River Academy Director in hand with TFFT Director. The Class three students (Age 7-9) were well equipped to entertain the crowd with songs written and performed in French language.

Apart from the above students, Irene Peter emerged as the first girl in the Form Two National Exam. She also positioned the 5th student entirely and she was also the First in English as she scored 90% (A+ according to Tanzania grading system). “There are only four boys ahead of me, and next time there will be no body ahead of me”. This is what Irene keeps telling us, and we are very confident that she could definitely make her dreams come true.

Irene, right, with Nicemary (TFFT Scholar) and Melissa (Teacher Training Director)

Overall TFFT students did pretty well and we are so proud of them.

Go TFFT Go!!!!


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