My Christmas Holiday (Nancy Felix)

23 Jan

My Christmas holiday was very wonderful. When I came back from school my brother was so happy to see me. He asked me about school and the national examination which I did on 8th Nov 2011. I told him that the school was good and the exams too. As the days kept moving I was not idle because I had a beautiful novel which we were given by TFFT; the novel was “THE BOY WHO HARNESSED THE WIND”. It is a very good novel which tells about a boy whose name is WILLIAM.  It explains how he grew up from his childhood to an adult and he learned how to utilize wind as a source of energy.  I real enjoyed the book and had fun. I visited my relatives and my friends also who closed school earlier.  We played different funny games with them as we were all happy to meet each other again.  We asked each other some questions about our schools.

I also slept a lot and had fun around the house. My friends and I also went for a few tours in the neighborhood, It was enjoyable and fun. One day we just went for a walk and we saw a very big river which looked very beautiful. We sat on the big stone in the river and every one of us wished to swim but we couldn’t because we never had any clothes with us for changing.  We started making stories, laughing, jumping on the stones and climbing the trees around the river. Accidentally one of my friends jumped into the water instead of the stone, so the clothes she was in were all wet and we all had to wait for the sun to dry her clothes then we leave the place together as we went together.  We thanked God that the friend wasn’t hurt.  Instead of her being sad, she was very happy for what happened because we wanted not to leave the river early.

When her clothes were dry, she said still they were not yet dry.  We all told her that it was not safe for us to be late and of course we were all girls, something that worried us.  We all said bye bye to the river so we could leave and go back home.  When I got back home I was very tired so I just took a shower, changed my clothes took a rest, when I woke up, I ate my food, drunk some water, and then went out for some fresh air.  I sat under the tree then my brother came, we started making stories. He asked me “what post do you have in school?” I told him I am a prefect in English department he laughed and told me that I didn’t write well in English but I only speak well, and when I speak I speak like a European girl.  I told him to stop his jokes as he was too much on me just because I am the English department prefect.  After that it was already dark. My brother told me to get in the house because it was not safe for me to stay out when it is dark.  I obeyed him and went in the house.  We all went for a night sleep. The next day I was just at home reading my books so I wasn’t that much bored.

On Christmas day, we (I mean me, my brother and my sister) took tea and bread early in the morning with some local fruits around our place; mangoes, bananas and sugar cane. We cleaned the house and started decorating it with many staffs without forgetting the Christmas tree.

The Christmas trees were just around our home place, the local ones, but they were very good and beautiful to look at.  We also had some flowers and many other things.  On this day we started to cook the food early because we had many different kinds of food to prepare, like spaghetti, rice with beans, chips with eggs, meat with chapatti (local bread), and also cooked vegetables.  There were drinks also of different types and boiled milk which is my best drink because I have some problems with my stomach.  It was a very nice day, every one was happy and enjoying it.

We had visitors who were our relatives from different places and friends who I studied with in my primary school. We played many good games.  The day was over with a lot of gladness and happiness to everyone.

After all that everyone was attentively waiting for the New Year.  On the New Year ’s Eve no one went to sleep, we waited to see the new year 2012. At 12:00 O’clock on dot everyone was happy, making a lot of noise as I was among them, beating drums and everything else.  In the morning we woke up, took tea and started cooking earlier.  Different foods and different drinks and even some few snacks it is my favorite thing to do (eating snacks) every time! Some of which are Kebabs, sweets, cake, pan cakes, beeps, and many other things.  I enjoyed the day till the end.

It was nearly opening the school time after the New Year holiday, so after two days I started preparing myself for school which opened on 8th January 2012.  I wouldn’t come to school this day though because we got a problem in the family and that’s why we remained at home.  My aunt, the sister to my father, died so we had to remain at home for the burial.  On 12th January, 2012 we came back to school, both my sister and myself.  Every one knew about what happened, so the teachers, the school management and our fellow students felt sorry and they were like, “sorry guys for what happened”.  So my sister and I said thank you its life don’t mind.  And I tried to forget everything about home and brought my mind back to school, and I started learning normally with my fellow students.  This was all about my holiday and it’s the holiday that I loved and it’s the December holiday that I always love the most.

Your Daughter,


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6 Responses to “My Christmas Holiday (Nancy Felix)”

  1. Sari January 23, 2012 at 4:38 pm #

    Hi Nancy! Your December Holiday sounds like it was really fun and really relaxing. So happy you read and enjoyed The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. I haven’t read it yet, but you just inspired me to pick up a copy and start reading! Good luck with your classes this session. Sending you all big hugs and lots of love from New York.


    PS – Eating snacks is one of my favorite things to do too :)

  2. Kaitlin Rogers (@kaitlinrogers) January 23, 2012 at 5:35 pm #

    Nancy! You have such an impressive way with words, and I really loved reading about your holiday break. I hope that you will consider writing more stories about your life for the blog in the future. Many people go to the website to read the blog each day, and I know a lot of people have already read your post, so you can consider yourself a published author :)

    • Pamela Preschlack January 23, 2012 at 5:55 pm #

      I loved reading about your school and home life Nancy, Thank you so much for sharing! Please keep us posted on how the rest of your year goes. And please encourage your classmates to write too:)


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