Deb Schwedhelm to capture RIDETZ’s magic in June

5 Jan

As many of you know, my initial connection to TFFT was as the photographer for RIDETZ. Tamara Lackey gave me this opportunity, for which I will be forever grateful.

That was in 2010.

Now it is 2012, and we are gearing up for our second RIDETZ adventure this June. Because I will participate as a rider this summer, it was my job to find the perfect photographer to document the experience.

Deb Schwedhelm is a brilliant photographer whose work has been a source of inspiration for me for years. Her photographs are honest, powerful, and poetic. After consistently reading her blog, I had a feeling that the woman behind the images is as special as the photographs themselves.

“What if she would photograph RIDETZ?!”

It seemed like a shot in the dark, but I wrote her an email and crossed my fingers. Lo and behold she responded—with enthusiasm—saying she wanted to do it!

I know our second RIDETZ journey will be as magical and life changing as the first, and we feel so fortunate that we will have Deb along for the trip. Not only will those 10 days be filled with unforgettable moments, we will have Deb’s photographs to remember them by, which will be a gift for everyone.

You can see more of Deb’s work and read her blog post about RIDETZ here.

Does a 10-day bike trip in Tanzania from Mount Kilimanjaro to the Indian Ocean sound like the adventure of a lifetime to you? It is! And we would love to have you join us. Find more details on the ride here and feel free to email me ( at any time. Space is limited to 20 riders.

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We have a great feeling about what is in store for TFFT in the New Year. What are your big plans?


2 Responses to “Deb Schwedhelm to capture RIDETZ’s magic in June”

  1. Robin-bird January 5, 2012 at 9:05 pm #

    Not only is Deb a great photographer, but she has had such varied life experiences which come thru in her “vision”. Good/Bad/Beautiful/Sad/Happy/Shocking/Scary/Joyful/Speachless…..Yep, that’s our Deb’s insides and outsides. You go girl!

    • tfftafrica January 11, 2012 at 3:42 pm #

      Thanks so much for your comment, Robin. We are so looking forward to meeting Deb, introducing her to our kids, and seeing the artwork that she creates. Because the work we do is half way around the world from the people who support our mission, beautiful photographs are a wonderful way to connect them to our work!! We know Deb will blow us away.

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