Getting Creative Giving Back

19 Dec

Getting creative supporting The Foundation For Tomorrow

This past week we got word that great supporters of The Foundation For Tomorrow, The Spencer family had raised $2500 selling baked goods, all in support of TFFT’s Scholarship Program. We wanted to share with everyone how wonderful their family is and how one can get creative to build awareness and support for The Foundation For Tomorrow. The Spencer Family is a great example of how to get your entire family involved in TFFT’s work.

TFFT: What made you think of starting a bake sale to help support The Foundation For Tomorrow?

PS: After spending the day with the Foundation at Matonyok (one of TFFT’s partner orphanages), Katy was inspired to try to raise money to help support the work that the Foundation is doing.  She came home and had a “birthday fundraiser”, and after that thought she would like to have some kind of bake sale at her school or home.  We both thought that around the holiday’s would be a perfect time to have something like a bake sale, especially if we packaged the goodies in a way that would make them perfect for a teacher or hostess gift.

TFFT:  How many hours did you guys spend in the kitchen?

PS: Well…I like to think of it in terms of “days of work” rather than hours.  Since truthfully Katy already has a full time job in school, I decided to work “full time” for a month.  When you think of it like that, its really hardly any time at all!

TFFT: How many people ordered the first year?

PS: The first year most of our money was made on site, not through pre-orders.  We earned somewhere around $1400.00 the first year.  Most of those sales were around $20 -$30, so we probably had around 70 people order.

TFFT: How many people ordered the second year?

PS: The second year we did a lot more with pre-orders.  Katy passed out flyers at school and in the neighborhood, and we added a Thanksgiving bread that was a big seller!  Before the sale we had already sold over $1000.00 in pre-orders!  In fact, two days before the sale I was working non-stop to re-supply our stock of caramels and almond roca for the sale!

TFFT: What is the most fun moment during this whole process?


PS: For all of us, the most fun moment is the day of the sale when we see so many of our friends, and see how willing they are to support something we feel so deeply about.

TFFT: What inspires your family to give back to communities around the world each year?

PS: This is a tough question because we have been given so much more than we give back, but I suppose it is the joy we receive from that human connection, and how we each give to one another.

TFFT: What has your family learned through traveling to Tanzania and getting involved with TFFT?

PS: We have learned of the beauty and wonder of the land and people of Tanzania, and we have also learned about the hard reality of life of families suffering from HIV.  Through the work of TFFT, we have learned about how changing one life at a time can truly make a difference.  TFFT has a huge loving heart, and we witnessed that heart in action.

TFFT: What is the best “take away moment” from the Bake Sale this year?


PS: You mean besides the lesson that I should start baking a bit earlier?  I think the best “take home moment” is realizing that we can do this……We can help.  When you put your heart and self into something you care about, you can make your dream come true.  Instead of just writing a check, we hope that through this sale, we have spread the word about TFFT and their mission, and about the plight of children in Africa.

TFFT:  How is your family going to spend the holiday?


PS: Katy is dancing in the Nutcracker, which is her tradition.  Afterwards, we plan to spend a quiet holiday with friends and family going up to our cabin in the mountains for some resting, reading and cross country skiing.  Starting in January after all this baking, it will be time to diet!


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