Zawadi Day (Gift Day)

9 Dec

Being a NGO working with kids in Tanzania we get a LOT of donated clothes, shoes, school items etc. The schools we work with require all students to dress in uniform, so only on the kids holiday breaks are they allowed to wear “street clothes.” Right before Usa River Academy school broke for the December holiday we did a “Zawadi Day” – meaning gift day in Kiswahili.  Rather than it just being a free for all giving all of our donated clothes away we had our scholars trade in their Full Circle “Points” to get clothes, shoes, bags etc. Full Circle is our holistic after-school program that works with the kids doing everything from community service, HIV/AIDS awareness, to life skills, goals and dreams workshops and girls empowerment. Read more on Full Circle here. Throughout the 3rd term our scholars earned points that they then could redeem on Zawadi Day for items of their choosing. Their choosing is what gave us the most laughter…

Our little Dickson thinking he is 50 Cent- The stuffed pig is his makeshift microphone.


Our sweet Julieti pretending to be me (Meghann Gunderman)..apparently I am known for wearing boots - ALWAYS..the sass, I am not as sure about :)!

The kids searching for their gems! A fun way to end school and break for the holidays!

All in all it was a great way to make the kids feel rewarded for all they have done. For those of you interested in sending items to kids please email us on info -AT- If you are one of our sponsors, our kids would love to not only hear from you but see pictures of your family and clothes, books and shoes are always appreciated! Until next time..keep smiling – WE ARE!

Best – Meghann Gunderman (Founder and Executive Director)


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