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TFFT’s Tutoring Program by Daniel Stephen

18 Nov

It has been two years since I joined the TFFT team and started coordinating the tutoring program as well as facilitating most of the sessions. I am so happy to be given this opportunity to help and share my knowledge to my young brothers and sisters especially those who are having difficulties with their studies.


The tutoring program is conducted six days a week from Monday to Saturday. Mondays are for classes 1,2,3 while Tuesdays are for classes 4,5 and 6 is Tuesday and Friday. Our secondary school students are allowed to attend our program any day but Saturdays are usually for them, mainly for weekly tests.


During school break the tutoring program engages the services of additional tutors who are mostly university students from Arusha. They work with our secondary students to determine what strategies will help them and focus on whatever topics they are having difficulties with.


The tutoring program allows our scholars to develop the skills necessary for them to get more out of their lessons. to have successfully education experience. Our sessions, coupled with pep talk and counseling, motivate them to learn and help them see that with focus and hard work they can achieve more. Most of our students advance in their classes because of the learning techniques provided by our tutors. We also noted improvement in their study habits.


For primary students we use different methods of teaching and use materials such as flash cards, concrete objects when adding or subtracting, games, and other fun materials in order to help them with number recognition and counting and better understand the concepts of fundamental operations, fractions, positive and negative numbers, equations, algebra, and graphing. We also utilize one-on-one or small group teaching to better assist those who are struggling and also give homework’s to check how well they understood the concepts.


Other TFFT staff also pitch in their expertise whenever needed. I remember Joshua came to teach our secondary students how to write essays for their History subject and Melissa did a session on study skills for the upper primary and secondary students. Fratern also sometimes sit in with the kids during sessions. Our kids certainly appreciate their efforts.