TFFT’s Endowment by Kaitlin Rogers

29 Oct

Before working for The Foundation For Tomorrow, I worked as a family portrait photographer, and my work for TFFT initially began as a photography assignment. However, when that project came to a close, I was not ready to walk away from TFFT. Photographing TFFT’s work changed me. Like during my family portrait sessions, I was photographing adorable children. Unlike my family portrait sessions, I was photographing adorable little children who were orphaned or abandoned.

Often, when I am behind my camera, focusing on a child and caught up in their spirit, I wonder:

“Who will this child become? What are her dreams? What mark will he leave on this world?”

As I photographed the children at TFFT’s partner orphanages, the same thoughts flashed through my mind, but this time instead of swelling with joy and hope for their potential, my heart felt heavy with sadness as

“Who will this child become?” shifted to,“What will become of this child?”

Photographing TFFT’s Scholarship Students, however, was much more uplifting. Each of TFFT’s Scholarship Students is an orphaned or abandoned child who started life in one of our partner orphanages with little hope for the future, but as soon as they become part of TFFT’s Scholarship Program, that changes. They are still orphaned or abandoned children, but they belong to TFFT’s family. Our sponsors and the many families that contribute to our efforts make it possible for TFFT to provide scholarships to 76 children.

However, orphanages are still overflowing with children, and it may seem like 76 is not enough.

The Foundation For Tomorrow makes a promise to each of our Scholarship Students:

“We will be there for you. We will support, encourage, and guide you. We will cheer for you and challenge you. We will open your eyes to life’s possibilities, and we will share in your dreams. We will be your family.”

We promise that once part of our Scholarship Program, we will provide each child this support through Secondary School graduation, an average of 12 years. Throughout their 12 years with TFFT, each child costs TFFT approximately $21,000.

We accept new children slowly so that we can be certain that we will be able to fulfill our promise.

However, orphanages are still overflowing with children. How could we grow faster?

In 2011 TFFT opened a Scholarship Endowment. This fund will act as our safety net, our security blanket, and our parachute. As soon as we significantly grow this reserve, we will be able to more quickly accept the many children who deserve to be part of our program.

We have added the option to contribute to our Scholarship Endowment online and ask that you consider this meaningful way of giving.

Now that I have the pleasure of working for TFFT, I look at our Scholarship Students, and I can’t wait to see who they each become, to cheer as they accomplish their dreams, and to know that TFFT gave them the chance to leave their very special mark on our world.


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