TFFT Kids Go Green! By Melissa Queyquep

3 Oct

The Full Circle Program started the third term with the theme Environment. For September, sessions focused on the “Natural Environment” and “Biodiversity”. Japhet Jonas, the Program Coordinator of the Roots and Shoots Club, a program of the Jane Goodall Institute Tanzania, came to present to the older primary kids and the secondary students about the Environment and Biodiversity. Japhet surely got the kids’ attention when he presented the status of Tanzania’s environments and the challenges that currently beset them. Occasionally you could hear them gasp and let out yelps of concern. After the presentation, the kids were grouped and each given an environmental case study to analyze. Group leaders presented their groups’ thoughts about the case assigned to them. Japhet Jonas will be seen by the kids more often soon as a Roots and Shoots Club is on the process of being established/revived at the Usa River Academy.

The same theme would be covered this month of October and exciting sessions are lined up for the kids like making recycled paper, environmental projects, and also story-telling sessions using stories that highlight the importance of caring for the environment. September had been particularly busy with graduation and also the students’ schedules being revamped due to the remedial program instituted by the school. With that being said, we are excited about Usa River Academy this term. They hired a new school manager and with that many changes will come. One such change is that TFFT has been given our very own room to conduct our Full Circle sessions in! We are also looking at the possibility of making the Full Circle sessions available to other students aside from our scholars, this term.


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